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How to change Steam region to Ukraine?

A lot of people think the process of region changing is difficult, but in reality, it isn't. All you need to have is a credit card that has been issued in the country you wish to change your steam region, and VPN from that country.

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What are the benefits of region change?

The main advantage we care about is much lower game prices! For example in Ukraine as a result of mega inflation games cost 100x less than in other countries. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 in the US region costs $59.99, but in Ukraine, less than 30$ or Sons Of The Forest costs 29.99$, and 16.25$.

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Any downsides? Only one, some games are region locked and they can't be bought or played in Ukraine

Can I change my region with VPN?

Most articles on the internet will tell you "Yes you can", but the truth is you won't be able to buy ANY GAMES, even with gift cards! The option to pay with gift cards will only be possible after making the first transaction with a credit card from a particular country. With a VPN you will change your region temporarily, and after switching it off, the region will be back to normal. That's why you need a credit card to change your region permanently.

My region was reverted, can I change it again?

  • If your region has been reverted from Ukraine you can't change again to the same region.
  • If your region has been reverted from Kazakhstan, Turkey, or Argentina, you can switch the region to Ukraine without waiting.

Am I eligible for region change?

To be eligible for region change two things must be met:

  • Your Steam account must have the community market unlocked. That means you need to spend at least 5$ in your account.
  • You haven't changed your region within 90 days or haven't been reverted from Ukraine.

Will Revolut, Wise, or other virtual credit card providers work?

Unfortunately, they won't. Revolut, Wise works only if you physically go to a specific country, e.g. for shopping in the mall. Steam does not check whether the card supports a given currency (TL or ARS), but checks the origin of the card, in which country from which bank it was issued!

So where should I buy a card then?

You can buy from us. Our Ukrainian prepaid credit cards cost 6.99$, it's a fair price compared to how much you can save on games. Every card we sell is 100% fresh and unused, they were tested by us and hundreds of our customers. 

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What VPN should I use?

Choosing a good VPN is crucial because some VPN providers have servers that are blacklisted. Steam can detect it and your card will be declined during purchase. Here is the list of good VPNs and blacklisted ones:

Good VPNs: Ivacy, Pure VPN, TuxlerVPN (Free)

Blacklisted: NordVPN, Windscriber, UrbanVPN (DO NOT USE)

How would I buy games after the region change?

After changing the region, steam blocks your previous payment methods, and there are four the safest ways to purchase games:

  • Ukrainian Steam gift cards (UAH)
  • Gift games from a second Ukrainian account by Steam wallet
  • Before the region change, recharge your wallet with your national currency. Then after, currency in your Steam wallet will be automatically converted to Ukraine hryvnias.
  • Find somebody that can recharge your Steam wallet with UAH

Any other payment method like PayPal, Revolut, or your own credit card will revert your Steam region!

How to prevent region reverting?

Steam has recently started a war with region changes, and randomly reverts user's regions to the original. No one knows exactly what causes it, and it can happen during playing games or while normally using your account.

Thanks to our analysis, we have found rules that will decrease the chance of region revert. But keep in mind that there is always a risk of being reverted regardless of sticking to the rules below:

  • Do not sell anything on the Steam community market (40% of getting reverted, if you want to take a risk then turn on a VPN)
  • Do not use Revolut, Wise = revert
  • Do not refund/return any game that you bought. Just believe us, after that steam will make your region back to original.
  • Use VPN every time while buying games
  • Use UAH Steam gift cards
  • Gift games from a second Ukrainian account to your main by gift cards



If you don't want to go through the whole process 
you can order our region changing service instead


Step 1. Logout from your Steam account

Step 2. Buy an Ukrainian prepaid card

As we told you before, the Ukraine prepaid credit card is the basis of changing the region on Steam. 

So you can buy it from us here

Step 3. Get Ukrainian VPN


In this guide we are going to use TuxlerVPN, it's 100% free VPN and works fantastic with Steam. We also encourage you to use TuxlerVPN because it has been tested by us dozens of times.

Download TuxlerVPN from here. Then install it on your computer.

Step 4. Connect to VPN

Please note, to the end of the guide VPN must be turned ON!

1. Open TuxlerVPN

2. Find "Ukraine" in the location list

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3. Click connect button

4. Well done now you are connected to the Ukraine server

Step 5. Log in to your Steam account

Do not use a mobile app, please use a Steam PC client.

Step 6. Add to cart cheap game

To change the region on Steam, we need to buy a game. Our card has a balance of 13 UAH so the game must have a price equal.

- Barro F22

- Barro

- Barro 2020

- Barro GT

- Sixtieth Kilometer

- Bird

- OMON Simulator

- Rock 'N' Roll Defense

Click here to see full list of cheap games

Step 7. Change currency to UAH

1. Now go to the cart, and change the currency to Ukraine (UAH)

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 2. Then click "Yes, my billing address is in Ukraine"

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 3. Then proceed to checkout by clicking "Purchase for myself"

Step 8. Fill in all information

 1. If the card number starts with "5" choose MasterCard at the checkout, if it is "4" choose Visa

2. Fill in card details

EnjoyAndPlay - #1 Worldwide Digital Store

3. For billing information please use a random Ukrainian address, you can generate it here

4. Then click "Continue"

5. And buy a game

Step 9. Enjoy the cheapest games ever

Now you can turn off the Ukrainian VPN and enjoy the cheapest games ever!


1. If you received this error (click here to see the image), you must change your VPN. (please use TuxlerVPN, it works with Steam).

2. However if the credit card was declined by the card company (click here to see the image), your Ukrainian billing address or zip code is incorrect, so please generate a new address and make sure that the zip code is valid with the city.

3. Card is one time use, do not try to use it twice (your Steam account may get banned)

4. Buy a cheap game like Barro or The Deed.

5. Use the card within one hour. After one hour card will expire!

6. If you are using a laptop, please make sure that your IP is from Ukraine after turning on the VPN. You can easily check it on myip.com. If you see YOUR IP instead of Ukraine, this means your network doesn't support certain VPN encryption. The best solution is to use a desktop computer or change VPN (Ivacy, Pure VPN, Hide.me - free, strong VPN,TuxlerVPN - free). 

7. If you still have problems, please give us your Steam details (login:password), and we will change the region for you or give you a replacement.

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