How to make your own Ukraine Steam account for FREE?

Creating a Ukrainian Steam account has never been easier before, too many people were complicating it, but to be real the whole procedure is really simple. Only 2 things are needed to create a Steam account from Ukraine:

  • Ukrainian VPN
  • 100 UAH Steam gift card
How to make your own Ukraine Steam account for FREE?

What are the benefits?

100X CHEAPER GAMES. In Ukraine, the average income per person is about $3K-$4K per YEAR, so if publishers charged full price for games, e.g. $60 for a new title, they probably wouldn't sell anything. That's why Steam game prices there are extremely lower rather than in other countries. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 in the United States region costs $24.35, but in Ukraine 24.35$ or Sons Of The Forest 29.99$, and 16.25$.

Ukraine UAH Prices Comparison

Any downsides? Only one, some games are region locked and they can't be bought or played in Ukraine.

How would I buy games?

After getting a Ukraine account, Steam blocks your previous payment methods, and there are three the safest ways to purchase games:

  • Ukrainian Steam gift cards (UAH)
  • Gift games from a second Ukraine account
  • Find somebody that can recharge your Steam wallet

Any other payment method like PayPal, Revolut, or your own credit card will revert your region!

How to prevent region reverting?

Steam has recently started a war with region changes, and randomly reverts user's regions to the original. No one knows exactly what causes it, and it can happen during playing games or while normally using your account.

Thanks to our analysis, we have found rules that will decrease the chance of region revert. But keep in mind that there is always a risk of being reverted regardless of sticking to the rules below:

  • Do not sell anything on the community market (40% of getting reverted, if you want to take a risk then turn on a VPN)
  • Do not refund/return any game that you bought. Just believe us, after that steam will make your region back to original.
  • Do not use Revolut, Wise = revert
  • Use a Ukraine VPN every time while buying games
  • Use UAH Steam gift cards
  • Gift games from a second Ukrainian account to your main by gift cards or find somebody that can send you UAH currency.



If you want to save time, you can skip the whole process by buying a ready Ukrainian Steam account from us. Our accounts come with instant delivery, full access, original email, and username personalization as you wish.

Step 1: Get VPN

The VPN is the most important thing here because we need Ukraine IP to make the account.

There is no need to have paid VPNs, free ones work as well as paid ones.

Here is the list of VPNs that have Ukrainian VPN servers: Zenmate, Windscriber, UrbanVPN.

In this guide we are going to use UrbanVPN, it's 100% free VPN and works fantastic with Steam.

Download UrbanVPN from here for Windows or Mac here. Then install it on your computer.

Step 2: Buy a 100UAH gift card

Now you will need to buy a Ukraine Steam gift card which will be used later to change the region of the account.

Buy it from here: Eneba, G2A, Kinguin, Mtcgame

The value of the gift card doesn't matter you can buy 100 UAH, 500 UAH or 300 UAH as you wish.

Step 3: Create a Steam account without VPN

Do not turn on VPN

1. Go to the Steam website

2. Then click "Login" in the right upper corner

3. Scroll down and click the "Join Steam" button.

4. Enter the email that you want to create a Steam account with. Attention, do not change the country to "Ukraine", leave it as your current region. Do not worry we will change the region later.

5. Then click the "Continue" button.

6. Now confirm your account

7. After that go back to the previous Steam page and enter your account's username and password and click "Done"

8. Click on the username at the top and choose "Logout".

Step 4: Connect to Ukraine VPN

1. Open UrbanVPN

2. Find "Ukraine" in the location list

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3. Click connect button

4. Well done now you are connected to the Ukraine server

Step 5: Changing region to Ukraine

Please note, to the end of the guide VPN must be turned ON!

1. Now go back to the Steam website and log in again to your account that you have just created

2. Click your username in the upper right and choose "Account details"

3. Click "Add funds to your Steam Wallet"

4. Click on "Country" and change it to Ukraine (UAH)

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5. Then click on "Yes, my billing address is in Ukraine"

6. Click "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code"

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7. Paste the Steam Gift Card UAH key that you bought, and then Continue.

8. Voilà! Your account is now in the Ukraine region!

Problems? Buying an Argentina Steam account is also an option

Here at EnjoyAndPlay, you can also buy New Ukraine Steam Account if you have any problems creating your own or you want to skip the whole process and gain some time. Our Ukrainian Steam accounts cost 1.99$. They come with instant delivery on your email, full access with the original email, and username personalization as needed.

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  • Mark - Oct 31, 2023

    Don’t know why this method is still up because it doesn’t work, your UAH giftcard will get converted to your local region, the only way to change regions is with a working payment method from ukraine

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