How to change Steam region to Turkey or any other region?

A lot of people think the process of region changing is difficult, but in reality it isn't. All you need to have is a credit card that has been issued in the country you wish to change your steam region, and VPN from that country.

What are benefits of region change?

The main advantage we care about are much lower game prices! For example in Turkey as a result of mega inflation games costs 100x less than in other countries. For example, Phasmophobia in US region costs $13.99, but in Turkey less than 1.23$ or MX Bikes costs 34.99$, and 3$ in Turkish region.

Can I change my region with VPN?

Most articles on the internet will tell you" yes you can", but the truth is you won't be able to buy ANY GAMES, even with gift cards! The option to pay with gift cards will only be possible after making first transaction with a credit card from a particular country. With VPN you will change your region temporarily and after switch it off, the region will be back to normal. That's why you need a credit card to change your region permanently.

Will Revolut, Wise or other multi-currency virtual credit cards providers work?

Unfortunately, they won't. Revolut, Wise or other similar services offer multi-currency credit cards which work only if you physically go to a specific country, e.g. for shopping in the mall. Steam does not check whether the card supports a given currency (TL or ARS), but checks the origin of the card, in which country from which bank it was issued!

Every credit, prepaid or debit card in the world has unique 6 digit code called "BIN" which informs where the card was made. For Revolut disposable cards is "535456". After checking it on, we can see that those cards are created in Ukraine so it is not suitable for changing the steam region to turkey.

So where should I buy a card then?

If you are planning changing your steam region to Turkey, you can buy from us. Our Turkish prepaid credit cards cost 7.99$, it's a fair price compared to how much you can save on games. Every card we sell is 100% fresh and unused, they were tested by us and hundreds of our customers.

Click Here To Buy Turkish Prepaid Card Now

If you are looking for region change to Argentina, Kazachstan or India. There aren't many options on the market yet (we will update this article if they show up)

What VPN should I use?

Choosing a good VPN is crucial because some VPN providers have servers that are blacklisted. Steam can detect it and your card will be declined during purchase. Here is the list of good VPNs and blacklisted ones:

Good VPNs: Ivacy, Pure VPN, Windscriber

Blacklisted: NordVPN (DO NOT USE)

How would I buy games after the region change?

After changing the region, steam blocks your previous payment methods, and you can only buy games with steam gift cards. Any other payment method than gift cards will revert your steam region!

Congratulations! Now you know all the necessary information about changing region on steam. Now we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to change the region on steam to the country you want. For the purposes of this guide, we will change region to Turkey


if you don't want to go through the whole process, you can order our region changing service instead



Step 1. Logout from your steam account

Step 2. Buy Turkish prepaid card

As we told you before, the Turkish credit card is the basis of changing the region on steam. 

So you can buy it from us here.

Step 3. Get Turkish VPN


In this guide we are going to use Windscriber, it's 100% free VPN and works fantastic with steam. We also encourage you to use Windsciber because it has been tested by us dozens of times.

Download Windscriber from here, and in order to use it you will need to also create an account. Then install Windscriber on your computer.

Step 4. Connect to VPN

Please note, to the end of the guide VPN must be turned ON!

1. Open Windscriber, you will find the icon on your desktop

2. Login to your Windscriber account or if you haven't created it before, you can do it here

3. After logging in, click Locations

4. Scroll down and find Turkey

5. Click on it and click "Istanbul Ataturk"

6. Well done now you are connected to Turkey server

Step 4. Log in to your steam account

Do not use steam mobile app, please use steam pc client or website.

Step 5. Add to cart cheap game

To change region on steam we need to buy really cheap game. Our card has a balance of 3 TL so the game must have a price below.

Choose one of these:

1. Sixtieth Kilometer

2. The Deed

3. Poly Squad

Step 6. Change currency to lira

1. Now go to the cart, and change currency to Turkey (TL)


 2. Then click "Yes, my billing address is in Turkey"

 3. Then proceed to checkout by clicking "Purchase for myself"

Step 7. Fill in all information

 1. Choose "Mastercard" as payment method

2. Fill in card details

3. For billing information please use random turkish address, you can generate it here

4. For phone number use random 10 digits like 80335xxxxx

5. Then click "Continue"

6. And buy a game

Step 8. Enjoy the cheapest games ever

Now you can turn off Turkish VPN and start funding your steam wallet with Turkish steam gift cards, have fun!



1. Do not return/refund any games! If you do it, it will result in a region revert.

2. If your card was declined, change vpn (please use windscriber, it works with steam). If you still receive error with Windscriber then contact us we will give you a replacement.

3. Changing the region is possible once every 3 months

4. Most of errors/problems are caused due to poor quality of your VPN. Change your VPN to Windscriber and try again.

5. After changing your region, please buy games only with turkish steam gift card, any other payment method will change your region.

6. If you are using a laptop, please make sure that your IP is turkish after turning on VPN. You can easily check it on If you see YOUR IP instead of Turkey, this means your network doesn't support certain VPN encryption. The best solution is to use a desktop computer or change VPN (Windscriber - free, Ivacy, Pure VPN, - free, strong VPN). If you still have problems, please give us your steam details (login:password), and we will change region for you.


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