How to create your own steam account in any region for FREE?

How it is possible that games are so cheap in different region in the world?

Steam game prices depend on the region where they are sold. For example, in Turkey the average income per person is about $3K-$4K per YEAR. So if Publishers charged full price for games, e.g $60 for a new title, they probably wouldn't sell anything. That's why steam game prices in Turkey, Argentina and Ukraine are extremely low rather than in other countries. For example, Phasmophobia in United States region costs $13.99, but in Turkey less than 1.23$ or MX Bikes costs 34.99$, and 3$ in Turkish region.

How to make turkey steam account to get cheaper games?

Any downsides? Of course they are, some regions have restrictions for certain games. We can recall so many games that were banned in different countries, but I think the most iconic game restriction was "Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2" which was banned in Germany for a terroristic "No Russian" mission.

Which steam region is the cheapest?

Steam game prices are constantly updated by game developers, so the price in every region will be different for a specific game. We can check the prices of our favourite game by using, it's huge steam database.

Simply go to, in the search bar enter a game name that you are looking for, and check the price in multiple region at once.

In the rest of our article, we will give you detailed with images universal guide how you can create your own steam account in any region you would like to.

If you don't want to go through the whole process, you can buy regional steam accounts from us. We sell steam accounts from most cheapest regions on the planet like Ukraine, India, Turkey, Kazachstan or Argentina.

IMPORTANT (please read)

Due to recent changes to steam (new interface) and reCAPTCHA system. It's now much harder to make regional steam account. Most VPNs were blocked and blacklisted by steam, so we can't a create steam account normally as we do. We will use VPN later to change the region.



For guide purposes we will create Turkish steam account. If you want to create an account from other region, do not forget to change VPN to country you want and buy regional steam gift card of that country.

 Step 1: Get VPN

The VPN is the most important thing here, because we need Turkish IP to make the account.

There is no need to have paid VPNs, free ones work as well as paid.

Here is the list of VPNs that have Turkish VPN servers: NordVPN, Zenmate, Windscriber.

In this guide we are going to use Windscriber, it's 100% free VPN and works fantastic with steam.

Download Windscriber from here, and in order to use it you will need to also create an account. Then install Windscriber on your computer.

Step 2: Buy 10TL Turkish Gift Card

As we can't create a steam account in the normal way, you will need to buy 10 TL Turkish steam gift card which will be used later to change region of the account.

Buy it from here: G2A, kinguin, eneba.

The value of gift card doesn't matter you can buy 20 TL, 50 TL, 30 TL as you wish.

Step 3: Create steam account without VPN

Do not turn on VPN

1. Go to the main page of Steam

2. Then click "login" in right upper corner


3. Scroll down and click "Join Steam" button.

4. Enter the email that you want to create a steam account with. Attention, do not change country to "Turkey", leave it as your current region. Do not worry we will change the region later.

5. Then click "Continue" button.

6. Now go to your email inbox, find an email from steam named "New Steam Account Email Verification", open it and click "Verify My Email Address"

7. After that go back to steam page and enter your account's username and password and click "Done"

8. It will redirect you to steam main page. Click on the username at the top and choose "Logout".

Step 4: Connect to Turkey VPN

1. Open Windscriber, you will find the icon on your desktop

2. Login to your Windscriber account or if you haven't created it before, you can do it here

3. After logging in, click Locations

4. Scroll down and find Turkey

5. Click on it and click "Istanbul Ataturk"

6. Well done now you are connected to Turkey server

Step 5: Changing region to Turkey

If you turned on VPN properly, Windscriber should be looking like this:

If it isn't please go back to Step 4.


Please note, to the end of the guide VPN must be turned ON!

1. Now Go back to steam and log in again to your account that you have just created

2. Click your username in the upper right and choose Account details.

3. Click "Add funds to your Steam Wallet"

4. Click on "Country" and change it to Turkey (TL)

5. Then click on "Yes, my billing address is in Turkey"

6. Click "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code"

7. Paste the Steam Gift Card TL key that you bought, and then Continue.

8. Voilà! Your account is now in Turkey region!


Problems? Buying Turkish Steam account is also an option

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