Those products you can't sell with us: 

1. Controversial digital products:

a) Active credit, debit, or store credit cards, 

b) NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) 

c) Digitally delivered adult content (Memberships for adults only clubs/establishments)

d) stolen game/social accounts

2. Sexually explicit materials

a) Sexually explicit adult films with a rating of X, XXX, or unrated for an adults-only audience

b) Sexually explicit video games with a rating of Adults Only 18+

c) Sexually explicit magazines, books and comics that show displays of sexual activity

3. Beta and OEM software policy

a) Beta software including beta keys, cards or access codes are not allowed

4. Counterfeit items

a) pirated games

b) Unauthorized copies of movies, music or software

c) An unauthorized reprint of a trading card

d) A T-shirt or mug printed with copyrighted images, replicas

5. Items that encourage illegal activities

a) Kill switch-activated electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets

b) Blank rain checks

c) Lockpicking tutorials

6. Products with personal informations

a) Personal contact information such as phone numbers, email lists and addresses

b) Social security numbers or similar sensitive information

c) Software or tools used to send unsolicited contacts, such as text messages or email (spam)

7. Product reviews

a) fake positive reviews for e.g trustpilot

(Last update: 07.07.2023)

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